Energy & Vitality

Are you in need of a vitality boost.....
ic through lack of exercise?......
lways tired due to excess body weight?....
Stressed and overworked?........
Just need a boost to get through the day?....

Sometimes you may feel you need a good lift.
These products will help to invigorate your senses so that you feel refreshed and new!

Thermo Complete®

Need a 'boost'? This advanced formula includes a potent blend of herbs and nutrients designed to support the weight management process. The ingredients work synergistically and naturally to help you feel invigorated and better able to cope with the daily challenges associated with dieting.
Click HERE to read more about the incredible ingredients.
"I've been in Corporate for 40 years & if I have a deadline, Thermo Complete helps me work until 3am" - Lorraine.
"I like to party till early hours, & find Thermo complete the best for keeping me alert the next day" Candy, lifeguard. 

R 340.00

NRG INSTANT GUARANA BEVERAGE     “Energy & Mental Strength”

This beverage provides a wonderfully natural energetic feeling.  Organically grown and harvested from environmentally stable Amazonian forests.

Nature’s Raw Guarana has a long history of use by the rainforest Indians in the Amazon Basin.  It reduces fatigue and stress, reduces appetite and can help you cope with extreme heat.  Highly suitable for students writing exams as it helps with concentration & mental clarity.  Perfect for someone with highs & lows of energy & for hyperactive children. Mild antihistamine – great for asthma & hayfever sufferers.
For more info on Guarana CLICK HERE
R 139.00

     "Burst of energy"

Liftoff is an effervescent energy drink tablet that does more than give you your body a boost—it'll shift your mind into high gear!*
With an exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana, caffeine, Liftoff™ fights fatigue and improves mental performance.*
Liftoff™ also contains 100% of your daily supply of antioxidant Vitamin C and more than 100% of your Vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced energy production. Low in calories and no added sugar. Liftoff  is convenient; take it anywhere you go!
Just drop a tablet in a glass of cool water & start the countdown. Click HERE to read some testimonials.

Liftoff - Ignite-Me Orange Flavour (box of 10)
R 217.00
Liftoff -Lemon-Lime Blast Flavour (box of 10)
R 217.00

CELL ACTIVATOR       “improved nutrient absorbtion”
- Helps the body produce and maintain a steady supply of energy.
- Enhances overall vitality and well-being by optimising cellular energy production.
- Contains herbal factors that enhance energy production and support stamina. - Aids in the absorbtion and effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral intake. 
Poor diet, poor digestion or high levels of stress can contribute to fatigue and lowered absorbtion. Cell Activator® includes a blend of essential nutrients, known as Krebs Cycle intermediates, plus select botanicals, to support cellular energy production and stamina, and enhance overall well-being. Click HERE for more info
R 203.00

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