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"If I can lose weight, ANYONE CAN!!"
I had finally given up on trying to lose weight on my own. At 294kg's, I decided that I would have no choice but to have gastric-bypass surgery. After years of yo-yo dieting and numerous failed attempts at just about every diet there was on the market, I believed I had no other option.
My weight problem was affecting me both physically as well as emotionally. I had developed sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and severe swelling in my feet and ankles that made it difficult for me to walk and be able to do the everyday things most people take for granted. I was awaiting approval of the surgery from our insurance company when I was introduced to these unbelievable products and decided to try them instead of going through with the operation. I credit these products for saving my life and giving a bright future to look forward to. I am so grateful I chose to give them a try instead of the surgery.
Today, 186kg's lighter, Jim is literally half the person he used to be. My health problems have totally cleared up.

In my first 3 months I lost 18kgs, it was unbelievable! Linda du Buisson from KZN
My life before I began taking the Herbalife products was unhealthy with my weight steadily climbing up the scales. My doctor advised me to use a nutrition program. I started using a basic Herbalife range including anti oxidant Rose ox. From the onset I started to feel better, had much more energy and I started to loose weight. In my first 3 months I lost 18kgs, it was unbelievable!
After 18 months I had gone from size 46 to an awesome 34. I could not believe how slim I had become.

I have lost a total of 58kg. I use the entire Herbalife range of nutritional products and the body care and facial products to improve the quality of my skin that had stretched so badly. The final result is that I do not look like I was ever fat at all. My skin fits my little body, my muscle mass is that of an athlete and I feel unbelievable.

Before Herbalife I tried everything. Before Herbalife I tried everything. My health was always compromised due to diet pills, doctors injections and starvation diets. Then I was introduced to Herbalife. At first I was very sceptical, but after losing 45 kgs in just six months I knew I had found THE winning formula. Thanks to our incredible products I have lost a total of 57 kgs, 4 dress sizes and 3 and a half metres in cm’s. The best is its easy, it’s good for you and it’s weight loss for life. Thank you Mark Hughes. Thank you Herbalife!The best is its easy, it’s good for you and it’s weight loss for life. LINDA FERNS, Empangeni, SA.  

doctor's words were along the line of  "DO or DIE".
Do something about it now, or DIE sooner than you ought to.
When I started these amazing nutrition products the most incredible thing was how bright eyed & bushy tailed I became almost immediately. I am still feeling this wonderful energy and sense of well being.  In the space of approx. 11 months, I lost 300 centimeters from around my body and an amazing 64kgs thus far & due to the good nutrition & weight loss, my health problems have improved greatly. CAROL MORPHEW, Howick, South Africa. 

TWINS – lost over 30kg’s each with Herbalife.

 “When we were over 100kgs, the only thing we were busy doing was eating. Now that we’ve each lost more than 30 kgs, we’re busy with parties,  dancing and dates!

Dangerously overweight teenager is put on Herbalife by her doctors
At 15, Stephanie was dangerously overweight at 226 pounds. She suffered from high blood pressure and doctors warned her that if she didn't lose weight, she could be at risk for serious health problems. None of this motivated her enough. Then, someone told her boyfriend's mother she looked pregnant. Stephanie exclaims, "I knew it was time to do something about it." Because of Stephanie's high blood pressure and other health risks, many over-the-counter weight-loss programs were out of the question. Herbalife was the only program Stephanie's doctors approved. "The program was easy to follow, and I liked the foods I could eat," Stephanie says. Stephanie went on to lose 100 pounds in a year and is now a happy, healthy 16-year-old. Her weight loss was gradual, but steady and consistent. "I noticed a big difference during my first month on the program," she remembers. "And a year later, I'm still on it and still losing weight. I didn't believe it could work until I tried for myself!"*




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