Targeted Nutrition for Men, Women & Healthy Aging

Whether you want to ease aching joints, protect your heart or prostate, improve hormonal balance, lift your mood or de-stress for blissful sleep, these products can help you. Everyday our body is bombarded by various challenges. Stress, carrying excess weight, pollutants and poor eating habits to name a few. Men & Women of all ages and life stages have unique nutritional requirements and these Herbalife products can give you the confidence that your diet includes the essentials to maintain optimum healthy and wellness.

TANGKUEI      “Mood stabiliser”
This is an ideal supplement for women of child bearing age – helping to restore the natural balance, and those of both sexes involved in strenuous physical exercise – helping to relieve the discomfort of tense & taut muscles.
This is a natural mood elevator. Helps with cramps and P.M.S. or for anyone going through the change of life. 
Men and women have known about Tang Kuei for many centuries, using it after strenuous physical exertion to offer relief of challenges associated with tense, taut muscles. Women of child-bearing age undergo hormonal changes that may cause a range of minor discomforts. The gentle herbal properties of Tang Kuei encourage the body to restore its natural balance.

R 150.00

ROSE-OX     “Strengthen’s Immune System”

RoseOx protects the body cells, improving your immunity and slowing premature cellular ageing. Roseox enhances the benefits of other antioxidants and strengthens your immune system, preventing colds & flu. RoseOx contains an advanced standardised extract of Rosemary, a natural herbal antioxidant, used for centuries for culinary purposes.
For more info on Rose-Ox CLICK HERE 

R 207.00

HERBALIFELINE®      'Let all the rivers to the Heart run free".

Unless you go out of your way to eat the right fat-rich foods, you are likely not to be getting enough of the essential fats that are vital for optimum health. Herbalifeline is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are the 'good' components of fat that support the natural function of the heart and circulation. They are usually found in oily fish such as mackerel, herring and salmon. So take Herbalifeline to benefit from the fruits of the sea! No fishy aftertaste.
Click HERE for more information on Omega 3 benefits 
R 282.00

Joint Support     "strengthen cartilage, promote mobility and support joint health."

Designed to help promote mobility and support joint health. Age and an active lifestyle can wreak havoc on joints and muscles. Herbalife has formulated a herbal-based product, which can help provide support to aching joints. Also useful for athletes to assist in improving post-workout muscle discomfort.
You can protect and cushion joints and muscles with a specially formulated blend of cartilage-building glucosamine, flexibility-enhancing MSM and herbs.
Experience the benefits of six of the most widely used herbs, enzymes and nutritional factors all known to benefit aching joints and muscles. Click HERE to read more about the ingredients.

R 229.00

NITEWORKS     “Supports vascular & circulatory health ”

Herbalife teamed with Dr. Lou Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in medicine, to develop this refreshing lemon-powder mix that helps you create more life supporting nitric oxide during the night, when nitric oxide levels are naturally lowest.
Nitric oxide supports the health of your blood vessels by increasing their youthful elasticity.*
Nitric oxide supplementation can provide a cascade of benefits including improved circulatory, immune and nervous system function.
Rich in vitamins C and natural vitamin E, drink Niteworks™ each night to support cardiovascular health.
Now with taurine for added cardiovascular health benefits.
Just add Niteworks lemon-flavoured powdered mix to cold water, sparkling water or juice, for an instant drink.
Keeps blood vessels toned, flexible and youthful for improved circulation.
Helps support cardiovascular health.
Enhances blood flow to support function of heart, brain and other organs.
R 453.00

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